What exactly are eyelash extensions?

Semi-permanent fibres are glued to your natural lashes to make them appear longer, thicker, and darker. The goal of lash extensions is to give the eyes the appearance of being made-up without the use of mascara or other eye makeup.

While false lashes can achieve the same effect, there are some key differences between them and eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes are typically sold in strips that you glue across the top of your natural lash line and then remove at the end of the day. Individual fibres are attached to each natural lash one at a time with eyelash extensions. Once applied, eyelash extensions should last six weeks to two months, which is the average lifespan of natural eyelashes.

The type of eyelash extension you get will depend on your budget and the lash studio you go to. Eyelash extensions can be made from a variety of materials, including



Faux mink or plastic fibres are examples of synthetic materials.

Fibers are available in a variety of lengths, tints, and curl levels to accommodate the majority of client preferences.

To achieve the best results, the lash technician should attach the extensions with a medical-grade glue. Medical-grade glues are fragrance-free, sweat, water, and oil-proof, and gentle on the majority of skin types.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If you’re unsure whether eyelash extensions are right for you, it’s a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of having lash extensions applied. Some of the advantages of eyelash extensions are as follows:

They are stunning – When applied properly, eyelash extensions will keep your lashes looking long, full, and fluttery at all times. Unlike fake eyelash strips, lash extensions allow you to wake up every morning with princess lashes with no effort.

You don’t have to wait for them to work – you walk into your lash extension appointment with sparse, thinning lashes and walk out looking like a celebrity. The immediate gratification of having beautiful lashes after only one appointment is undeniably appealing.

That’s right, no more mascara. There will be no more smudging, flaking, running, or worrying that one eye’s lashes will always look better than the other. Mascara is no longer necessary with lash extensions, which saves you time applying and removing product from your lashes.

They are adaptable – Whether you’re a natural honey or a dramatic diva, your lash extensions can be tailored to your exact specifications. Discuss your lash goals with your technician, and they will tailor the length, colour, and curl pattern to your preferences.

They can last a long time – Over time, the natural shed cycle of your eyelashes will cause the extensions to fall out along with your natural lashes. This usually begins a few weeks after the first appointment and continues until the cycle is finished (four to ten weeks). You can, however, get regular “fills” to keep your lashes looking beautiful indefinitely.

The procedure is painless – If done correctly, there should be no pain associated with the application or wearing of eyelash extensions.

They can withstand water – After the final extensions are applied, you must keep the eyes and lashes dry for 48 hours. You should be able to swim, sweat, and shower with your extensions after that time, though keeping them dry will help them last longer.

The procedure is (usually) safe – According to experts, such as dermatologists and estheticians, having lash extensions applied by a licenced professional is safe, though there are risks involved.

The disadvantages of eyelash extensions

While there are numerous benefits to having eyelash extensions applied to your lashes, including the ability to complement or improve your appearance, there are also drawbacks to having extensions applied to your lashes.
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Some risks of using eyelash extensions, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, include infection or swelling of the eyelid, corneal infection, and temporary eyelash loss. Some of the more common disadvantages are as follows:

Irritation and infection risk – Irritation and infection can occur if proper sanitation and application requirements are not met. Before applying the extensions, most lash technicians will perform a “patch test” with the glue. A patch test will tell them if you are allergic to the glue they intend to use. Even if there is no allergy, the chemicals in the glue can cause irritation on the eyelids. Because the skin around your eyes and eyelids is extremely sensitive, the weight of the glue can also tug on the eyelash hairs and cause irritation.

The financial outlay – As with most things, the cost of eyelash extensions varies depending on where you get them done. The average initial visit costs between $100 and $500, with refills ranging from $50 to $150. If you stick to the recommended refill schedule of every two to four weeks, you’ll spend $650 to $3,900 just on fills. When you consider this, the price of mascara doesn’t seem so exorbitant.

Maintenance – Because extensions are so expensive, keeping them in good condition between fills is critical. Maintaining lash extensions, on the other hand, can be a chore. Sleeping, showering, washing your face, and other seemingly simple tasks must be performed with care to avoid disturbing your lash extensions, which can become a chore after a while.

More information about preserving and caring for lash extensions can be found in the section titled “Caring for lash extensions.”

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